Web application and research project, 2009-2012. is a globally accessible multilingual interactive research tool designed to contribute the shaping of both our personal and our common world view throughout the simple game of coloring-the-name. It questions the relation between the verbal sign that we use to communicate a certain color value and the color value as an objective fact. These relations have little to do with the differences in our visual perception mechanisms but are deeply conditioned by our models of social behavior. Different cultural paradigms and/or different verbal matrices are responsible for the differences in our color-and-name matching systems. Our intention is to explore these cultural and linguistic settings through the relation of color name and value in variety of languages. is a unique color-naming research project because it enables the user to color the name instead of to name the color. This conceptual turnover enables an infinite number of users to freely choose among the several hundred thousands of color values he or she would like to link with a name. Thus the data it gathers is less influenced by our (researchers) choice of color-palette and provides us with the new perspectives on the color-naming problem. Furthermore interface also enables everyone to explore data thus turning examinees into examiners and vice versa.

This project was done in collaboration with Branimir Paškvan. Programming was done by Vladimir Prenner / Calyx.






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