Teachers in Croatia

Exhibition at Croatian School Museum, Zagreb, 2010. In collaboration with Nika Pavlinek.

Main challenge was finding ways to exhibit mostly two-dimensional artifacts from ten overlapping themes, while optimally using available gallery space which consisted of two hallways and one room.

Entrance hallway was used for introduction and welcome note. Main room is envisioned as school class, collection ond various aspects of teachers profession, where every theme is treated in specific way. Nine symbolic tables in regular grid invite visitors to explore content in different ways. Long hallway is turned into time tunnel - illustrated diagram showing most significant historical events from pedagogic circles in the last 150 years. All around, there are characters of teachers and historical figures in real-size, and hyper-dimensionated objects from school life which make us feel small again. We are back in school, this time not to be reminded of our own experiences but to peak into the secret world of teachers, and learn something new.














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